South Sea – Cook Islands – Roratonga

The market on Roratonga is a real sight. Here one has close up the opportunity to study the philosophy of life of the Polynesians.

You have to beat yourself through a colorful mix of sellers, visitors and goods. The dealers, who find no place under the roof of the market hall, spread their goods decoratively on the floor. Pretty much everything the islands offer their own products is on offer. But also imported goods can be found, but which are usually considerably more expensive than their own products.

A special delicacy are of course the fresh fish, here is a selection of Lobstern. This woman sells her homemade baskets of palm leaves.

When customers wait, people sit on the floor or chat, often exchanging the latest news.

The market is also the communication center and news agency of the island. This does not mean that there is no radio or television, but personal contact is even more deeply rooted here than in Europe.

The inhabitants of the islands talk to each other and to each other. This is tradition and is still maintained in the South Seas. The close association within the family also contributes to this.

Pictures South Sea – Cook Islands – Roratonga

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