South Africa Sun City – The Palace of Lost City

The Palace Hotel is the centerpiece of Lost City, which is a “sunken city” to remember past African cultures. It was built by multi-millionaire Sol Kerzner.

Around 700 employees of the Palace Hotel read the guest’s (almost) every wish from their eyes. Everywhere the Palace Hotel is surrounded by pools and cascades.

The interior of the hotel is equipped with many (real?) Antiques. The ceiling heights are reminiscent of those of a cathedral. Already the reception could be a aisle of the Cologne Cathedral.

Huge festers ensure the right perspective. You also need that in order not to lose track. You can get lost here in the truest sense of the word. As a precaution, you also get an extensive roadmap at check-in.

Mr. Kerzner did not smudge in the creation of the complex but one speaks of 400.000.000, – Dollar, which were installed alone for the hotel.

All the money from investors who hope for a return ….. The rooms are truly royally equipped. The smallest double room has a size of 60 sqm. We are only here for a few days. Brigitte checks as a precaution once again the account balance ……

Pictures South Africa Sun City – Lost City