South Africa – George

George is the largest city on the Garden Route and lies about 20 km inland at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains. Scenic beauty and extraordinary sports facilities are key features of the city.

The * Montag * and * Outeniqua * golf courses on Fancourt are among the top 10 golf courses in South Africa. Together with 3 other excellent golf courses, they make George a mecca for golfers. George is also the start and end point of the famous Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe train. This is a steam-powered narrow-gauge railway operating in a beautiful landscape between George and Knysna. On a city excursion, we find that everywhere in George there are small parks lined with flowering trees. The town is pretty and tranquil and worth a detour on the Garden Route. We live three days over New Year’s Eve and New Year at the Fancour hotel, which was integrated directly into the golf course.

For golfers, this is an ideal location, especially since the 18-hole golf course is a real challenge. He may only be committed with local caddies who have the necessary tips for a perfect game with each stroke. This is also a particularly nice way of getting jobs. The caddies are waiting early in the morning for hours to be selected by the golf pro for the day’s work. A strange sight is the divers who are fishing in the ponds on the Fancourt golf course for devious balls.

Pictures South Africa – George