Philippines – rice terraces

In the high mountain regions, the world famous rice terraces can be found on the mountain slopes in the north of Luzon. After a dizzying journey through the spa town of Baguio, the commercial town of Bontoc is reached. Rice, which as a gift of the gods for the tradition-conscious mountain tribes has great religious significance, grows on the laboriously created step fields. The further north living Ifugao call the rice terraces stairs to the sky.

The ancestors have been laying them over gorges and rivers for over 2000 years despite earthquakes and hurricanes. However, the biggest threat these days are dam projects and the rural exodus of the younger generation. It is an amazing experience to see these huge hand-crafted rice terraces.

They have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Further to the north of Bontoc the road conditions become more and more impassable. On many curves it goes vertically several hundred meters vertically. The roads are completely unsecured, so driving here requires absolute attention. A small mistake can have fatal consequences, especially since the ground softened by continuous rain is smooth and slippery. We see small works of art created by the farmers.

Jürgen has chosen a lookout point for a break, from which one has a wonderful view of an abandoned valley. A small river meanders from the high mountains to the sea. The mountain ranges are covered with subtropical vegetation. Unfortunately we can not stay here for too long because we still have a long way to go.

Pictures Philippines – rice terraces

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