Philippines – People

The Filipinos are friendly and helpful and always ready to smile. We captured some moments in the lives of these people with our camera.

On the way we see an Ifugao hunter from the northern Luzon area of ​​the Philippines.

In a mountain village in northern Luzon we meet on the road of the village some young people who have gathered to make music together.

Wonderful scenes we could do in a remote mountain village in northern Luzon in the Philippines. Interesting were the children playing with a self-made scooter on Mainstreet in a small mountain village of Luzon.

Two brothers negotiate who may drive now. The footwear of the “smaller” should be sufficient for the next 10 years.

At a pineapple stand in the mountains of Luzon we take unique photos. Popsicle? No! Pineapple on a stick! The little ones will do the dishes after a juicy pineapple meal.

We try to negotiate with the young entrepreneur in the Philippines.

Pictures Philippines – People

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