Austria – Wilder Kaiser

We settled in Going at the “Stanglwirt”, an organic hotel for a few days. The hotel complex is original and comfortable. It is ideally located for our mountain hikes on the Wilder Kaiser.

The ascent of the Wilder Kaiser we attack early in the morning. We have chosen a direct ascent, which leads across the forest at the lower foot of the Wilder Kaiser. At the upper edge of the forest we have to cross several gravel fields. Then we scramble over a narrow via ferrata directly below the Gruttenhütte (in the picture – right next to the Gruttenhütte) upwards.

The Gruttenhütte am Wilden Kaiser is one of the many stations for hikers on this high altitude hiking route. On our mountain hike to the Wilder Kaiser we are suddenly surprised by bad weather. A wall of smoke is so strong that we can only see 2o meters away. Within 10 minutes the weather clears up again.

In the mountains you have to reckon with constantly changing weather conditions. The panorama of the Wilder Kaiser is bizarre and impressive. From the Gruttenhütte we have a beautiful view of the valley.

It was a pretty exhausting climb for the first day and we are glad that we have the climb behind us. After a long lunch we start the descent from the Grutten hut, which leads us to various fields of boulders. Partly even in the late summer there is still some snow in the mountains. The trail is not as difficult as the ascent. In the picture on the right you can see the route leading along below the peaks of the Wilder Kaiser.

The way back leads first across the Wilder Kaiser with a view of the valley and winds then later in small hairpin bends directly through the dense forest below. View of the Wilder Kaiser, in the

View of the Gruttenhütte with Wild Kaiser. On the way back you have to cross several boulder fields.

Pictures Austria – Wilder Kaiser

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