New England – Kennedy

Many celebrities from the US have their roots in New England. This is not surprising, because New England has long been the center of American culture, business and science. These personalities included the Kennedy family.

John F. Kennedy was probably the most famous US president of modern times. He was from Boston and his family still plays a significant role in New England politics.
New England – Kennedy’s house
The property of the Kennedy family is located directly on the coast of New England, has a beautiful sea view and is located just outside the beautiful and fashionable Newport. The plot has a direct access to the sea.

The house is today a museum. Guided tours of the rooms of the house are arranged at predetermined times. Somehow, it’s a strange, oppressive feeling to walk through the small rooms and the study of John F. Kennedy. Everything has remained the same as during the President’s lifetime. Personal things are still everywhere in the rooms.

The study is equipped with a small desk and above it is the portrait of JFK. One almost thinks that the landlady could come at any moment from one of the side rooms ….
New England – Study by John F. Kennedy
We feel like invaders in a private sphere …..

Pictures New England – Kennedy

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