Mauritius – Touessrok

The hotel complex Touessrok is one of the best hotels on the island of Mauritius. It is due to its unique location with the hotel belonging to the offshore island “Ile Aux Cerfs” a popular holiday home. Many weddings are also held here by foreign guests, as the management has recognized this gap in the market early.

On the left photo we photographed the Touessrok hotel out of the helicopter. The main building of the hotel complex Touessrok is located to the left of the bridge. Here are the reception, the restaurant and the lounges. The bridge leads to an offshore small island with various rooms and suites.

On this island there is also a small sandy beach, which was beautifully planted with palm trees. The accommodations are modern in design and of a high standard. You live here very quiet and has from the rooms a great view of the Indian Ocean. You can walk in a few minutes on the small hotel’s own bridge to the main building of the hotel.

The boat landing stage, where you can reach the bathing island “Ile Aux Cerfs” with the hotel’s own transfer boat, looks like a medieval castle.

The restaurant and lounges are partially open, which is very pleasant on warm nights. When the weather is nice, which is the norm almost all year round, you can enjoy the local cuisine with a view of the starry sky.

Almost everything the cook prepares here is extremely good. Especially recommended are of course the locally prepared fish dishes. The management is well trained and places a lot of importance on a good care of the guests. We have always felt very comfortable in this hotel. Add to this the excellent location of the hotel directly on the Indian Ocean.

The entire complex is located a few kilometers from the main thoroughfare. The somewhat isolated location but the peace-seeking guests very accommodating. In the hotel complex but also many events such as weddings are celebrated. Then it is already a bit louder. We have therefore moved to an accommodation on the island off the island.

Picturs Mauritius – Touessrok