Mauritius – Touessrok – Ile Aux Cerfs

The hotel Touessrok has several private sandy beaches. Below we show a small part of it.

One of these beaches is located on the island off the island “Ile Aux Cerfs”. The island “Ile Aux Cerfs” can only be reached by the hotel’s own boat service.

Dreamlike beaches surround the small hotel and resort facilities (also on the picture below is a facility in the north of the island of Mauritius).

The hotel complex has a private private sheltered pleasure boat harbor. From here, motor yachts for deep-sea fishing can be chartered. An ideal base for deep-sea anglers who want to go to the Blue Marlin. Mauritius has already set many records in deep-sea fishing. The location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 2000 km off the coast of Africa ensures a true wealth of fish. The island of Madagascar is less than 800 km away. Guests are waiting for the half-hour departure. With the speedboat the crossing takes only a few minutes.

The island “Ile Aux Cerfs” is located on a natural water channel, which supplies the lagoon with constantly fresh water from the Indian Ocean. The flow is not completely safe. But for good swimmers it offers an additional bathing pass. The adjoining picture shows the view over the water channel towards the open sea. On the island “Ile Aux Cerfs” there is a small restaurant that also offers drinks, snacks and fruit etc. We often ate the fresh pineapple, which already peeled taste very good and also quench your thirst.

In the main season, the beach of the island “Ile Aux Cerfs” is very popular and therefore heavily frequented. However, there are plenty of other beaches in the vicinity to those seeking peace. By car you are in a short time on meschenleeren kilometer-wide fine-grained sandy beaches. At the high temperatures you can endure it a bit longer dozing on the beach. We do not use this offer too often, as there are far too many interesting things to discover on the island of Mauritius. On our other pages we report on this. View from the island “Ile Aux Cerfs” over the natural water channel to the open sea.

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