Mauritius – Boats

In Mauritius you will always find a variety of motives, where it is worth to unpack the camera. Below we have compiled some motifs and explained them with short texts.

The hotel complex Le Touessrok is preceded by a small island called “Ile Aux Cerfs”. You can reach this island only by boat from the hotel complex Touessrok. On this offshore island passes a natural sea channel, which serves as access to the open sea. This channel is also used by the small sailboats of local fishermen to reach the cliffs where the best fishing grounds are found. The left picture shows the access over the sea channel from the island to the open sea.

Fishing is off the coast along the coral reefs. Although the yield is still plentiful in these waters, the worldwide decline in fish stocks is already noticeable here. The group of local fishermen in the picture on the right comes back from fishing. The boat is ancient and without outboard motor. It is powered only with the shred of sail.

The beach is fine-grained and white and invites you to sunbathe or beach walking. The water here is turquoise colored and crystal clear in the sea channel. The constant current from the tides always fresh sea water flows into the lagoon. The search for small mice and other creatures is very productive and brings some variety in the otherwise lazy beach life on a small island.

Local musicians play to the delight of the guests but also mainly for their own entertainment. The inhabitants of Mauritius are very enthusiastic about music and it is a special experience to see how the islanders reveal their temperament with the rhythmic sounds of the music. The biggest attraction of Mauritius are anyway the inhabitants of this island. This mixture of nations has been living peacefully together for generations. Hospitality is almost a way of life. We are not only thrilled by the beauty of the island, but above all by the people.

Tom is again on his daily walk along the small beach. He carries around every day his small shop as a beach vendor, which consists of three baskets of fruit. They are then unobtrusively brought to the man / … the woman. The coconuts are even prepared. Service is just capitalized ….. and does not even cost more.

In the evening hours, when the shadows are a bit longer and the sun is not burning down so much, you can watch the anglers doing their job or try it out for yourself. The table is still covered here. No one goes home without the fresh fish.

With the small trapeze boats that are rented on the beach, you can sail in the lagoon. Those who are not yet experienced in sailing can learn it from instructors.

The experienced sailors dare from here to the outer reef and the open sea.

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