Mauritius – Beaches

During a helicopter sightseeing flight we photographed the different coastal regions and beaches of the island of Mauritius. From a bird’s eye view, you can see all the beauty of the beaches in Mauritius.

From the helicopter perspective, we have a beautiful view of the coastal landscapes of the island of Mauritius. From up here you can clearly see the different colors of the sea. Near the beach, the water has a turquoise tone. Behind it, the color of the water turns into a deep blue color. The sandy beaches in the north of the island of Mauritius are bright white and fine grained.

Dreamlike beaches surround the small hotel and resort facilities (also on the picture below is a facility in the north of the island of Mauritius).

The hotel complex has a private private sheltered pleasure boat harbor. From here, motor yachts for deep-sea fishing can be chartered. An ideal base for deep-sea anglers who want to go to the Blue Marlin. Mauritius has already set many records in deep-sea fishing. The location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 2000 km off the coast of Africa ensures a true wealth of fish. The island of Madagascar is less than 800 km away.

The island has an area of ​​about 1900 square kilometers and a length of 64 km and a width of 47 km. The dimensions are very manageable and you can easily circle the island by car in one day. There is also enough time to look around on the beautiful beaches or to sunbathe. However, it is advisable to plan enough time for an exploration of the island. We took a rental car and made several days stopover at various points on the island.

In this way you will get to know the island in all its beauty and also have the chance to get in contact with the inhabitants, which is a real experience. The friendly, happy people transfer their positive attitude to life in no time to the traveler.

Pictures Mauritius – Beaches