Hong Kong – Impressions

A special attraction is the kite festival in Hong Kong. Thousands of people storm into the streets to admire the artistically decorated figures.

Skyscrapers with 50 storeys and more form a strange symbiosis with the directly adjacent temples in the heart of Hong Kong.

Even in the harbor area, we find small sacrificial sites and statues that are extensively used by the residents of Hong Kong for their religious rituals.

Some temples testify to the riches of the faithful. However, they are in stark contrast to the often miserable living conditions of the poor population. This refers in particular to the low-paid construction workers, who build thousands upon thousands like ants on the tower blocks of the city. They often live in the basement of the unfinished buildings, with up to 10 people sharing a space of 10 square meters without light and without sanitary facilities.

Pictures Hong Kong – Impressions

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