Ecuador Quito II

Quito is the oldest capital in South America and still has much of its colonial cityscape. The city is designed according to a right-angled scheme and has an extensive central plaza, many quiet parks and countless narrow, steep streets. The architecture of Quito corresponds mainly to the architectural style of the Spanish Baroque.

On the panoramic hill Panecillo you have a good view over the city of Quito. The view extends far to the Andes and the surrounding volcanoes. The drive to the lookout hill is short and very worthwhile.

You can get a good impression of the structure and layout of the city from up here. You can clearly see the right-angle scheme with which the city was planned. The Virgin of Quito is the symbol of the city and is located on the panoramic hill Panecillo, on which we are currently located. In the small museum you can admire the traditional costumes. In addition, local music instruments and folkloric items are exhibited.

Colorful murals can be found in many places in the city.

On the way back to the city of Quito you can see many small craft shops on the access roads, which are often operated by one person only. On the side a small joinery or cabinetmaking.

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