Ecuador – Highlands II

The highland cultures are by far not the oldest. However, because of their geographical location in the Andean highlands and their easy accessibility, they are the best known and most visited. Many of these communities share their habitat with other Ecuadorian cultures. Despite their external influences, they cling to their cultural traditions and traditions of clothing, language and festivals.

Only 100 km north of Quito you will find the Indian market of Otavalo, a must for every visitor to Ecuador. This market offers beautiful hand-woven textiles, and tapestries, bags, dresses and other products of the majority Indian population. Also from the surrounding villages Peguche, Illuman, Imbaya, Natabuela and San Pablo these products are manufactured and delivered. In the plateaus, the washing day becomes a family event. Several generations help more or less with the washing on the river. A typical village scene in the highlands of Ecuador. The children, with their satchels on their backs, are on their way home. Often they have to take hours of travel to the next larger city in purchasing.

The picture below shows a central station in a small village in the highlands of Ecuador. The scenery looks like it has been set, the train station and the rails have been leaving for years ……… we are informed on requests that the train arrives once a week. The Andean highlands are impressive in every way. A grandiose landscape opens up to us. People do their part. These people are very proud and have not lost their cultural identity.

In remote villages, families kill themselves several times a year. This happens on the open road, as the whole life also takes place here. On our drive through the highlands, we are often at or above the cloud line. Many roads are unpaved and you can never plan exactly how many kilometers you can travel. It is therefore important not to seek accommodation too late.

Pictures Ecuador – Highlands II

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