Ecuador – Hacienda

In the Andean highlands, there are still many colonial and historic estates from the 18th u. 19th century. Some of these have been converted into stately Hacienda hotels (Hosterías) or luxuriously appointed Ranchos. Some of these haciendas once had thousands of acres of land, which over time was shared among the heirs of the landlord as well as the Indian communities in the surrounding area.

We spend the night in one of these estates on our tour of the highlands of Ecuador. Our accommodation consists of a living room with a separate sleeping section. The living room is equipped with an open fireplace, as it can be very cold during the nights in the highlands. The steward provides us with plenty of wood for the evening and the night. So even before dinner a small fire is lit, so it is then the more comfortable.

After the exhausting day trip through the highlands we treat ourselves now a little rest. The hacienda is furnished with old (antique?) Furniture and accessories. On the Hacienda Impressions page, we show some of these interesting items.

Jürgen has bought a typical country hat on the market, which he wants to try tomorrow. On the terrace we enjoy the last rays of the day. The hacienda is surrounded by a heavenly tranquility, as it is a bit out of the way.

Pictures Ecuador – Hacienda

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