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The balange in the northwest of the island can be divided into two parts. On the one hand into the Balange Fertile between Calvi and L’lle Rousse and on the other hand into the Balange Déserte between Calvi and Galéria. The port city of Calvi with its picturesque citadel is located directly on the Gulf of Calvi.

Calvi is surrounded by white beaches and the view extends to the 2706 m high Monte Cinto. The city can be divided into two parts, the upper and lower cities. The upper town is dominated by the citadel. The fortress consists of the Citadelle, the Governor’s Palace, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the Oratory Saint-Antoine. In the fortress there are many small streets, in one of them even Christopher Columbus should be born.

Otherwise, in the governor’s palace is the Foreign Legion and you have a great view of the harbor, especially at night he is beautiful. In the lower town you will find the church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure, the Hôtel de Ville, the market and, of course, the harbor for yachts and ferries. Calvi is an ideal holiday destination in Corsica. The city and landscape is very beautiful and ideal as a starting point for tours.

The Balange Fertile begins in the valley basin of the coast and extends over the hilly mountain country to the high mountains. In the past, Fertile Fertile dominated the fertile soil of the Balange, where cereals, figs, almonds, oranges, lemons, wine and olives were cultivated. Meanwhile, the maquis overgrown the fields and terraces cultures and many fire destroyed many areas of the Balange. But there are still olive groves, chestnuts, almond trees, holm oaks, agaves, palm trees or prickly pears. If you pass through the Balange Fertile, you will notice all the time the many small mountain villages that bribe with their churches, monasteries or chapels. They are usually very small and adapt to the mountains in a picturesque way.

Within the villages you usually have a great view of either the mountains and other villages or the Mediterranean Sea. Highlights include the villages of Calenzana with its baroque church of Saint-Blaise, Montemaggiore or Speloncato. There are over 30 villages to explore. Of course there are very nice beaches on the Balange. Worth mentioning are the white beaches in Lille-Rousse or Algajola, which invite you to swim.

The Balange Déserte impresses mainly on the coast by its cliffs and the promontory with the maquis. On the D 81 you meander through the car through breathtaking scenery. One admires either the cliffs with the surf or the maquis. In between you will always come across cows or goats on the street.

The beach at Galäria should also be mentioned, because there on a pebble beach the river Fango and a great surf invites here to gang. In between you should visit the chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra near Calvi.

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