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For many, Bali is considered the epitome of a dream holiday. Eternal sun, everlasting joy, the island of the blessed. And with so much enthusiasm there is a lot of truth in it.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, it is above all the culture and the positive attitude towards life of the Balinese people that make this island so memorable for travelers from Europe. The cheerful attitude and willingness to absorb new things without abandoning the old may explain why Bali has not lost its character and tradition despite the onslaught of tourists from all over the world.

Even if it seems as if the splendid festivals and rites that are scattered almost daily across the island are merely a staging for tourists. But that is not the whole truth. The numerous celebrations and festivals have been an integral part of Balinese life for centuries. Strangers are included as a matter of course in this rhythm of life.

Most beaches are protected by an offshore reef. The snorkeling is unfortunately not completely safe. At low tide, the water retreats to a shallow pond and you can walk to the reef. This is a good opportunity to observe the small reef animals. There are a number of different types of starfish. As dangerous as they are when snorkeling, they are so deliciously prepared in the local kitchen.

Small offerings on the beach should make the gods gracious and soothe the demons from the sea. The animism, i. Faith in demons and spirits is widespread in Bali. The Balinese have a highly dualistic worldview in the sky and earth, day and night, and gods and demons face each other as opposing but equally important elements.

Like the gods, the demons need offerings to make them mild and conciliatory. These offerings are often nothing more than a banana leaf with a handful of rice or a small flat basket of flowers and you can find them everywhere, not only in the temples and shrines, but also on the pedestrian walkways in front of shops, beaches etc.

Most upscale beach hotels have their own small park with tropical vegetation.

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