Austria – Sulztalalm

The front Sulztalalm (1898 m) is located in a tranquil valley at the tree line. The Alm is hosted by a friendly inn. Further up the valley, the trail leads to the rear Sulztalalm and then to the Amberger hut.

The Sulztalalm can be reached from Gries by following the broad road through the innermost meadows of Gries into the valley. From here you cross the brook and the stone steps to the Vorderes Sulztalalm.

Nature shows itself on our hike from its most magnificent side. View into the ice world of the Hochstubai seen from the Sulztal. The alpine meadows are peppered with alpine flowers and herbs.

It is a beautiful sight to see the magnificently flowering meadows on the hike. The air is filled with the scents of the meadow herbs and we breathe in the mountain fresh to the full.

Pictures Austria – Sulztalalm

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