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Sölden is the center of the Innerötztaler Tourismusregion and lies at an altitude of 1377 m. Sölden is especially in winter a much visited resort. This is where the Ötztal Arena, the sports arena of the Ötztal Alps, has established itself, where the bear is raging in winter ……

…… and that up to the top of the three thousand meter peaks. If the weather is nice, you have a wonderful view of the surrounding Alpine region from the peaks of the Ötztal mountains. The view from the highest peaks, as here from the Wurmkogel to over 3000 m is already breathtaking.

By contrast, the ski runs from Wurmkogl are something for “experts”. The views of the Rettenbachferner and the Tiefenbachferner with their glacier areas paid for the effort of the climb.

The ski slopes are overpopulated in winter like the pure hotel and bed castles by the mass tourism. In Sölden, considerable capital and much more effort has been invested in recent decades to turn nature into a circus world where day and night rule pure pleasure for the tourist.

There is no time for most pleasure-seekers to get involved with the often untouched natural landscape just a few kilometers away. Therefore, we once again enjoy the fantastic view of the alpine scenery (here from the Wurmkogel) and finish our day trip to Sölden with a beer at the mountain station. We are negatively impressed by this “ski circus” in Sölden, as he calls himself.

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