Austria – Piburger Lake II – Sommer

The Piburger See is located at an altitude of 915 m with a length of 800 m and a depth of 30 m. It is one of the warmest lakes in Tyrol. From Ötz he can be reached on foot in half an hour. The lake was formed by a landslide. He has been declared a strict nature reserve.

Definitely recommendable is a circular walk around the lake, which leads along partly narrow forest paths directly along the lake.

In this hike you always have a direct contact with the lake and often a nice view of the neighboring peaks of the Tyrolean mountains. The lake is indeed a gem, if you have the Fortune to visit it on a less touristy time. You might think you are traveling in the wilderness of Canada if you were not aware of moving in safe territory.

The circular trail winds up and down around the lake and it leads past rocky outcrops and often steeply sloping banks of the river or even in even places, where you get directly to the lake.

Impressive is the flora around the lake. Steeply rising rock formations are covered with dense trees and ferns, mosses and dense undergrowth. The circular walk is also for beginners with a bit of enthusiasm in a 3/4 hour to create. A wonderful sunset rewards our trip to Lake Piburg.

Austria – Piburger Lake II – Sommer

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