Austria – Piburg

The village of Piburg is located just above the Piburger lake at 970 m and it consists only of some beautiful old houses. It can be reached from Ötz on the winding road by car after 3 kilometers. Nice and highly recommended is the signposted hiking trail from Ötz. You walk through a little frequented beautiful typical Tyrolean landscape and reach the lake Piburg after about a 3/4 hour. From there it is still 15 minutes to the place Piburg.

In the village center of Piburg stands this old farm. Despite the few houses there are two inns on site, which also offer accommodation. The Gasthof Piburger See is one of these two guesthouses. In good weather you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the rural life.

The farmers still use this ancient tractor, which has certainly been serving for more than 50 years. The place reflects the idyll of a tranquil village life again, provided you do not dwell here in the main season. The most beautiful time is the late autumn, when the main stream of tourists has already left and peace has returned to the village community.

Austria – Piburg

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