Austria – Larstighof

The starting point for a hike to Larstighof is Niederthai. In the quiet little town you can leave the car and hike on a forest path, which is well signposted, to Larstighof, which is located at an altitude of 1777 m.

On the hike, which always leads along a torrent, you have a wide view of Niederthai. In some places there are warnings of waterfalls in the brook area, which can occur in extreme weather situations.

On the alpine pastures, the cows are our companions who graze, doze or ruminate freely in the area …….. if they do not collect tolls at the roads ……?

Along the way, we always hike along the torrent that accompanies us in the Horlachtal on the way to Larstighof. A small path-chapel invites you to linger in the Horlachtal. On the way to the Larstighof we meet free running horses. The horse mother guides the colt safely through the alpine landscape.

In winter, the landscape here is more desolate and lonely than in the summer months, as the area is not a classic winter sports area. We find that the winter hike to the Larstighof is more interesting. The landscape shows in a completely different dress. Frequency by tourists has decreased considerably. The hike will also be much more difficult depending on weather conditions and snow depths.

But the charm of this winter landscape outweighs the efforts of the climb. We pass a lonely and completely snow-covered farm on the way to Larstighof. Directly in front of the Larstighof stands a small chapel. The hike to the Larstighof is a worthwhile destination both in winter and in summer.

Pictures Austria – Larstighof

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