Arizona – Boulders

Boulders is a small place, or rather a small collection of houses and stones, but very large stones. Here were also built two of America’s best golf courses, if not the world.

Boulders is located north of Scottsdale. The road leads straight through the desert and past the most important golf resorts in the country. Golf is an important source of income here. Many international Masters are held here. Every major hotel of rank has its own golf course here. In the region there are about 120 golf courses. We arrive at the Boulders – Resort and are still able to make it from the flight.

We borrowed a rental car at Phoenix Airport, which is indispensable here. The distances are huge and without a rental car you are almost lost. The Boulders Resort consists of a main house housing some hotel rooms, the restaurant and the clubhouse of the golf course.

There are also a number of two-storey bungalows scattered far beyond the site. These are built in the Mexican style rustic and adapt well to the landscape.

In one house are two large apartments, which have all amenities. In the living rooms an open fireplace is integrated, which one here in the desert in the evening or at night also needs. We even had minus temperatures here in January with frosty weather. Nearly every house has a wooden storage area outside, which is filled up daily by the staff.

The landscape is simply breathtaking. Especially the sunsets have done us here in the desert. It is a fantastic spectacle of nature when the sky turns into a variety of reds and yellows. While we enjoy sitting outside on the porch with a glass of wine, a pack of coyotes howls in the distance. A mood that will stay with us for a long time.

Picturs Arizona – Boulders

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